Gift Aid Envelopes

Gift Aid self adhesive (size 89 x 112 mm)

100 £22.50

500 £27.50

1000 £54.00

2000 £85.00

3000 £125.00

4000 £165.00

5000 £195.00

10,000 £320.00

2 standard sizes – zip adhesive pocket 98mm x 78mm / self-adhesive wallet 84mm x 145mm.

Minimum order of 100 envelopes.

Carriage charged at cost.



With the advent of the GIFT AID SCHEME in April 2000 the concept of the Gift Aid envelope has flourished. Our envelopes are unique as they were the FIRST self-adhesive single pocket envelopes on the market. Each envelope includes a gift aid declaration on the back as approved by the HMRC Charities Section.

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Click the links below to view the declarations and their wording.

Charity Single Declaration

Charity Multiple Declaration

Standard Declaration Sample


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